Learn how to deal and cope with grief, in fact here is where you find a way to become the real you again, begin to live your life as you want.

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Dealing With Being Alone
But what about those of us who feel alone now?

What can we do?

Well, there are many things you can do and the information’s is all around, in libraries, newspapers or the internet to find activities, groups or relationships. I know that’s easier said than done if our loneliness is connected to grief, sadness, low self esteem or limiting beliefs we have about ourselves.

The thing is it doesn’t have to be this way (the title of my book about grief) because there is plenty of help at hand

Such as:

▪ Yes of course I’m here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy or Bournemouth Hypnotherapy Clinic and can help you find the real you, the you with all the resources and confidence to create the life what you choose.

▪ Read empowering autobiographies ~ there’s plenty from Victor Frankl to those of ‘Dragons Den’ and plenty in between.

▪ Take an NLP training with my son Joseph and I and learn how to see the world with different eyes ~ we have two venues Bournemouth and Cambridge

▪ Go on a couple of seminars ~ Joseph’s ‘Be Your Potential’ and ‘Empowerment Live’ to name two

▪ Do a mind map of all the things that interested you as a child, things that excited you and when you have filled a whole page ask yourself the question ” where can I find these feelings or something similar now?”

▪ Read “Feel the Fear and do it anyway”

▪ Go to a book shop and look at all the self help books available and pick one that feels right. Don’t just Read it ~ READ IT and DO WHAT IT SUGGESTS!

The list goes on only your imagination is your boundary and that’s infinite

If you do want one to one help get in contact with us and arrange a complementary consultation via email enquiries@cambridgehypnotherapy.co.uk or if you prefer Bournemouth enquiries@bournemouthhypnotherapyclinic.co.uk

or better still call us on 01223 720 120 (Cambridge) or 01202 428 309 (Bournemouth)

There are so many ways to find me and ask how you can find the help you need

Choose to take action now and you may like these words

Never alone, never by myself ~ ALWAYS WITH MYSELF

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